Residential Wildlife Services

Critter Control of SW Missouri offers professional wildlife control services to SW Missouri and the surrounding area. We are proud to offer exceptional and proven wildlife services. If you have wildlife control issues in your Springfield area home, then Contact Us today! Not sure if that noise is a squirrel in the attic or a raccoon? We'll come and investigate the noise in the attic and remove whatever we find using the industry's most safe and humane practices. Don't know the best way to get rid of mice? We pride ourselves on offering the most exceptional rodent removal services. Whatever the animal problem, we can help!

List of Wildlife Services

Close-Up of Soffit and Fascia of SW Missouri HomeCritter Control of SW Missouri completes every wildlife control problem from start to finish by employing a whole host of wildlife removal services and methods that have been tested, tried, and perfected for the removal of any animal. Our technicians are trained and have years of experience. From squirrels in the attic to mice in the walls, our team has seen and dealt with it all.

The wildlife control services that we most commonly provide include:

Proven Wildlife Control Services

We will get rid of the mice, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, or any other animals in your attic by combining our most up-to-date equipment with our years of professional experience. Following the removal of any problem wildlife, we will personally repair the wildlife damages and prevent future issues by employing tried and trusted methods to keep the squirrels, mice, and other animals out of your home for good. No more wondering, "How do I get rid of squirrels?" or, "What is that noise in my attic?" or, "Where did all these mice droppings come from?"

Critter Control of SW Missouri will take care of these wildlife problems for you and leave your home as good as new. Call today! 417.815.4476