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There are about 14 species of bat in Missouri. Bats eat a variety of insects, from beetles to mosquitoes to moths. Bats play an important role in the ecosystem with their diverse diet.  While bats do a lot of positive traits, they quickly become a nuisance if they find their way into your home, especially if they make physical contact with you. They can cause damage in your home and spread diseases to humans, including rabies. If you suspect you have bats in your home or have spotted them flying around your yard at night, contact Critter Control of SW Missouri and let our trained technicians safely remove them from your property.


Bats Clinging to Bricks on SW Missouri Chimney

Frequent Bat Problems

Bats can cause many different problems, but one of the biggest is the transmission of disease. Bats produce a large amount of feces called guano. Guano can cause Histoplasmosis, which can cause respiratory problems. Other common bat problems include:

  • Creating entry points in and out of the home
  • Making bothersome noises
  • Guano can stain the sides of buildings, patio furniture, and automobiles and cause a foul odor inside your home 

Get Rid of Bats

When bats find their way into your home and attic, Critter Control of SW Missouri can help. Our bat control specialists are trained to safely remove bats from your house in a timely manner. As a full-service wildlife control company, we are eager to assist you with a range of services including:

  • Bat trapping & removal
  • Restoring damaged insulation and installing effective bat barriers
  • Repairing objects and structures that have been damaged by wildlife and/or bats
  • Preventing unwanted wildlife and bats from entering your property or home

Expert Bat Extermination Services

If you discover a bat in your house or discover bat droppings, call Critter Control of SW Missouri today and let us remove these unwanted guests from your home. Our technicians have years of experience in bat trapping and bat removal services. Contact us today to remove and keep bats out of your house for good.

SW Missouri Technician Holding Two Small Brown Bats


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Bats in the belfry, attic, basement or chimney? Scratching or scurrying noises in the ceiling? Foul odors in your home? Critter Control can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective bat removal services.
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