SW Missouri Wildlife Control Services

Group of Brown Bats in Octagonal WindowThe team members at Critter Control of SW Missouri will address your wildlife problem with only humane methods of trapping and removal while also making sure your wildlife problems are resolved quickly and effectively. Wildlife can seriously put you and your loved ones at risk from poor hygiene and diseases from scratches and bites. When we take on a new client, we treat their home like our own and understand the urgency they must be feeling to get the wildlife out of their home for good.

Critter Control serves Springfield and the surrounding areas by providing a number of services that are designed to resolve any of your wildlife control removal needs. Some of the more common services we offer include:

Do you hear a noise in the attic that you can't identify? Are you in need of professional mouse removal? Are you positive there is a squirrel nesting in your home? No matter the wildlife issue, Contact Us today!

Full-Service Wildlife Control

We treat every wildlife control problem with a specifically targeted control plan that is personalized to fit your unique wildlife removal needs. When working with us, you can expect one of our Critter Control of SW Missouri experts to conduct an inspection of your home, take a look around your property for where the animal got in, and create a detailed plan of action to remove the pests in the safest and most humane way possible while maintaining the integrity of your home.

This plan will very often include some or all of the following services:

SW Missouri Wildlife Control Experts

If you hear a noise in your attic or walls and suspect that you may have wildlife animals in your home, then pick up the phone and call Critter Control of SW Missouri today to set up an inspection! Whether there are bats, mice or squirrels in the attic, we will guarantee removal, repair the wildlife damages, and leave your home protected from future wildlife animal infestation.

After your inspection, our specialized and skilled team members at Critter Control of SW Missouri will create a detailed plan for your home and property needs that includes locating, trapping, removing, and repairing the mess left behind by those wildlife animals. You can trust Critter Control of SW Missouri to handle your wildlife control problems safely and quickly. Get rid of the wildlife and damages in your home for good by calling Critter Control of SW Missouri today! 

Why Choose Critter Control of SW Missouri?

Wildlife animals present dangerous situations and truly require professional animal removal services. It is better to contact the professionals with the proper safety equipment, experience, and know-how than to implement DIY wildlife removal yourself, which can be a risk to your safety. Trust Critter Control of SW Missouri to remove the squirrels in the attic, the mice chewing your insulation, or the raccoon under the porch. When it comes to wildlife trapping, wildlife removal, wildlife prevention, and other wildlife removal issues in Springfield and the surrounding area, call Critter Control of SW Missouri! 417.815.4476