There are four species of squirrels in Missouri. The southern flying squirrel uses a thin flap of skin between its arms and legs to glide from tree to tree. The thirteen-lined ground squirrel can be identified by, you guessed it, the thirteen lines down its back. Being a ground squirrel, it limits the amount of time, if any, spent in trees. Finally, the eastern gray squirrel and eastern fox squirrel are also present in the area. These species tend to spend most of their lives in trees. Squirrels can cause damage in many different ways. They can damage insulation, chew through your wiring, dig up your gardens, and gnaw your furniture. It is not uncommon to discover a squirrel in your SW Missouri attic because like most other animals, they prefer secluded, dark areas for nesting. If you're facing a squirrel problem, call Critter Control of SW Missouri today to begin your squirrel removal plan! You can also fill out our contact form.


Squirrel Removal in SW Missouri

Squirrels are quick jumpers and climbers. Fully removing a squirrel population from your property can be a challenging task, Squirrel Removal in Southwestern Missouribut not for the team at Critter Control of SW Missouri, who are standing by to help you with all your squirrel removal needs! Critter Control of SW Missouri can help with all of your squirrel control services. We are a full-service squirrel management company; a list of our services includes:

  • Squirrel trapping and squirrel removal
  • Repairing squirrel damage, for example, to wiring and insulation 
  • Squirrel entry prevention and squirrel removal

Typical Squirrel Problems

You might be surprised when you learn how harmful these cute rodents can be to your Springfield property. If you don’t have any squirrel removal and squirrel-proofing tactics in place, squirrels have the ability to:

  • Chew furniture, vinyl siding, aluminum, and sheet metal. They can also chew through roofs, walls, etc. The teeth of a squirrel are constantly growing, so they need to make sure they don’t get too long. They do this by chewing through things!
  • Squirrels can rip through and soil insulation
  • Transmit dangerous viruses, diseases, ticks, and other bugs
  • Squirrels can stain rooms with their urine and excrement
  • Squirrels can create additional entry points surrounding the home

Squirrel Trapping & Control Services

A squirrel will generally target your crawlspace, your attic, and your basement. If you are noticing signs of a squirrel problem and don’t know what to do, give us a call. Our team of squirrel control technicians will be able to answer all your questions related to squirrel trapping and squirrel prevention. Call today or click HERE to book a squirrel removal appointment with Critter Control of SW Missouri.

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There are many types of rodents in the surrounding SW Missouri area, especially squirrels. The four most common types of squirrels in Springfield, MO are, the gray squirrel, the fox squirrel, the flying squirrel and the red squirrel
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