SW Missouri Wildlife Prevention Methods

The best way to deal with your wildlife control issues is to stop them before they start! Our team of technicians will help you implement a prevention plan that is tailored to your critter needs. Keeping your home safe from future invasions is our priority! Contact Critter Control of SW Missouri and schedule your appointment today.

Potential Bat Entry Point On Soffit & BrickHere at Critter Control of SW Missouri, there are two types of prevention methods that we use: habitat modifications and exclusion techniques.

Decrease the Likelihood that the Wildlife Will Want to Stay

Habitat modifications such as the below will help keep your property from being as attractive to wildlife critters. A few examples of habitat modification that our SW Missouri technicians use are:

  • Removing food and water sources
  • Removing bird feeders and birdbaths
  • Keeping pet food and water indoors
  • Keeping brush piles and dead trees/debris to a minimum

Wildlife Exclusion Techniques

Methods of prevention, also known as exclusion techniques, are barriers that can be implemented to keep wildlife animals from getting inside your home. Some examples of popular wildlife exclusion methods may include:

  • Identifying and sealing potential entry points
  • Screening vents so animals can't accidentally fall in or chew their way in (like squirrels)
  • Repairing damaged roof and attic points where animals may be gaining entry and damaging your insulation

What are Some Common Exclusion Methods/Areas?

Damaged Fascia Corner & GutterDepending on which animal you're dealing with and the severity of the wildlife problem, your SW Missouri technician may use one, or several, exclusion/prevention methods. Each technique is chosen specifically to prevent your wildlife problem; our technicians are aware of the unique behavior of each animal and how to deal with them. Your technician will use any or all of the below prevention methods to keep wildlife out of your Springfield home:

  • Chimney Capping—Animals like bats and raccoons may fall into your attic or nest intentionally, but chimney caps help keep them out
  • Plumbing Vents—Animals looking for shelter can get stuck in plumbing pipes
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces—Poorly-sealed points between your roof & fascia encourage animals
  • Roof Vents—Flimsy, weak vents should be replaced with heavy-duty, secure roof vents
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents—Adding screening to exhaust vents helps keep animals like birds out
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection—Fixing roof & soffit gaps will help prevent animal chewing behavior and entry
  • Holes In Siding—Repairing & adding reinforcement to holes will discourage animal entry/nesting
  • Porch & Deck—Heavy-duty screens around the base of the porch or deck prevents nesting animals, like opossums and raccoons
  • Trees & Landscaping—Cutting back tree limbs or other vegetation that encourages easy wildlife entry (particularly squirrels)

Wildlife animals can carry unwanted dangers from diseases to parasites and put you and your family at risk of painful scratches and bites. Protect your family and yourself from these wildlife problems by calling Critter Control of SW Missouri today!

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