Critter Control of SW Missouri offers a service that uses caulking and other methods to prevent wildlife from entering your home. 

Benefits of Caulk & Sealing

The best critter control system is prevention! Many types of animals can fit through a hole the size of a dime--think about all those tiny holes you likely have around the exterior of your home! Luckily, Critter Control of SW Missouri is trained to spot and seal these holes. Our well-tested and trusted caulking and sealing methods fill cracks and crevices by using appropriate materials. Sealing gaps on home in Springfield

Critters in your home can cause many problems, including ruining your insulation, leaving droppings that cause health problems, or dying in your home. Sealing the holes to keep them out can save many headaches down the road. 

In addition to controlling critter problems, this system also assists in saving energy. When windows and doors are sealed tight, you will notice less draftiness and feel more comfortable in your home. Ensuring your home is sealed is not only great for your quality of living but also great for your wallet and the environment. 

How we Seal your Home from Critters

After Critter Control of SW Missouri technicians inspect your home for existing critters and remove them, we will seal your home to keep the problem from coming back. We will ensure you have a plan to keep wildlife out for good!

Common Areas To Caulk and Seal

Windows: As your home shift, windows become susceptible to small cracks and broken seals. While these holes may not be easily visible to the naked eye, rodents in your yard are sure to find them! These gaps are also making your home less energy efficient, which is costing you extra money. 

Doors: Like windows, doors are also susceptible to unwanted ventilation. These gaps are causing drafts in your home, and also allowing tiny rodents to squeeze on in. 

Siding: If you have holes in your siding, critters are sure to find them! Critter Control of SW Missouri will locate any holes in your siding and seal them up to keep wildlife from using them as a gateway to your cozy home. 

Vents: If the vents in your home aren't perfectly aligned, just like holes in your siding, they present an opportunity for critters to get inside. We will ensure your vents are sealed tight to keep critters out!

Entry points in your home can be hard to see. Get peace of mind and quality services by giving the professionals at Critter Control of SW Missouri a call today! 417.815.4476