Raccoons may look cute and furry in our images, but it’s a different story when you see them in your yard, trash, or home. Racoons are no stranger to SW Missouri residents and can cause substantial damage to your property if not taken care of.  

It is important to let the professionals at Critter Control of SW Missouri take care of your raccoon problems. You never know if a racoon has rabies, and oftentimes dealing with raccoon removal and clean-up is a bigger headache than you’ll want to take on. Skip the hassle and let our professionals remove raccoons from your property and clean up and repair any damages left behind. 

If you want to kick these unpleasant animals off your property, follow these 5 steps to keep raccoons away from your home. 

5 Steps to Keep Raccoons Away from Your Home

  1. Secure garbage cans: Racoons are attracted to garbage, so it’s important to keep garbage cans securely locked with tight-fitting lids. Another helpful tactic is storing your garbage cans in a storage area or garage until the morning of garbage day. 
  2. Remove food sources: Besides trash, raccoons also love pet food, bird seeds, and garden vegetables or fruits. It is important to restrict access to these food sources. Easy ways to do this include storing pet food in sealed containers, installing animal proof birdfeeders, and installing fencing around your gardens. 
  3. Block access to your property: It is important to repair any holes or gaps in your property fencing, home, or roof. A simple way to do this is by trimming back trees, fixing any holes in your fencing, and sealing cracks in your home’s foundation. 
  4. Install motion-activated lights: Raccoons are nocturnal animals; however, it is not uncommon to see them during the daytime. Installing bright lights around the perimeter of your home, can deter raccoons from approaching. 
  5. Call in the professional. The best way to keep raccoons away from your SW Missouri property is to call the experts at Critter Control of SW Missouri. Our technicians are trained in raccoon removal and prevention. Call 417.815.4476 and schedule a home inspection today!