Moles are frequent visitors to Southwest Missouri residents, they are known to cause serious damage to lawns, mounds, and more by their peculiar behavior of creating tunnels. Over time many misconceptions about moles have spread, here are some common myths and facts about moles, so you can better understand this common critter in your yard. 



Moles are blind. 

A common misconception about moles is that they are blind, however, they are not. Although they have tiny eyes that are adapted for low-light conditions, they can still see by detecting light and movement. This is how they are able to navigate in their underground tunnels. 

Moles are rodents. 

Moles are often classified as rodents; however, they instead belong to the mammal group order Eulipotyphla, which includes animals like hedgehogs, shrews, and moonrats. 

Moles hibernate in the winter. 

Another common misconception about moles is that they hibernate during the winter. Moles cannot hibernate in the winter because they are unable to store fat on their bodies. Instead, they will go deep into the ground to stay warm. Fortunately, they are able to have constant food sources deep underground like grubs, earthworms, and other bugs. They will just wait patiently underground until warmer weather returns. 



Moles are solitary creatures. 

An interesting fact about moles is that they are mostly solitary animals, except during the breeding season. Moles tend to prefer to be by themselves, building their own tunnels and territories, however, occasionally moles tunnels can intersect and overlap, leading to conflicts. 

Moles are fast diggers. 

Moles are incredibly efficient diggers. They can tunnel at a rate of up to 1 foot per minute. Mole’s front paws are designed for digging and have powerful muscles and specialized claws that allow them to push soil aside quickly as they create tunnels. 

Moles make noise. 

Contrary to popular belief, moles are not silent creatures. Moles make a variety of noises, including squeaks, clicks, and low-frequency sounds. Like most creatures, moles use sound for communication and tend to be most vocal during the breeding season. 


Moles are complex and hard-to-remove creatures that need to be handled by experts that fully understand them. If you find moles or mole damage to your yard, contact Critter Control of SW Missouri today!