Have you ever wondered what attracts the peculiar creatures known as moles to your property? The same motivation that drives other wildlife—food and comfortable area for nesting. Unfortunately for your Springfield property, the presence of moles can result in a lot more damage than you bargained for. Learn more about how to identify a mole problem and call us today for effective mole control solutions or fill out our form online!

Do I Have a Mole Problem?

Eastern moles make a cozy home Molehills on Springfield propertyfor their young under yards, creating infamous tunnels that are known to create unstable yards. If you have loose soil in your yard, you could be at increased risk for a mole invasion. The most common sign that you have a mole control problem is the telltale mounds of dirt as a result of moles' burrowing. Dead grass and foliage are another sign of moles in your SW Missouri yard.

Mole Control Near You

Several expensive and time-consuming methods of mole control exist, but the most effective by far is mole trapping. These crafty little mammals are notorious for avoiding poison and smoke (due to their multiple burrow entries/exits). Our mole control professionals are prepared to monitor the mole traps and save you time and a headache.

Mole Trapping & Removal

Moles are difficult to trap and populations of the pest are hard to control. Households or businesses dealing with mole infestations should call Critter Control of SW Missouri immediately. Our mole management specialists focus heavily on ground mole removal and have several years of success. Let our trained technicians use their expertise to get rid of mole problems quickly and efficiently!


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Mole tunnels, mole damage to your lawn, or mounds in your yard? Call Critter Control of SW Missouri today for effective mole removal services. We practice safe and effective mole removal solutions in order to eliminate any mole problems you may have.
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