Mole-Proofing Your Property

Moles are a major nuisance to any yard. Though mole’s tunnel digging may create an aerated garden and love feasting on insect larva, they can cause serious damage to your lawn. Molehills can do more damage than just cause unsightly scenery. Their tunnels can disrupt plant roots and become a twisted-ankle hazard.

If you’ve started to notice the presence of moles in your yard or are looking to prevent mole activity altogether, here are some of our best tips:


Use Wire Mesh:

Installing wire mesh one foot in each direction of the area you are trying to protect can be a fairly effective way to prevent mole activity. Wire mesh fencing is a non-toxic and humane way to keep mole activity down while not disrupting the surrounding environment too much.

Though physical barriers such as wire mesh fencing can be a great long-term solution, they are typically best at protecting smaller areas such as gardens or patches of landscaping.


Use Natural Repellents:

Using a spray with ingredients such as castor oil, garlic, vinegar, and cayenne pepper can be great to deter moles away from specific areas. This method may be time-consuming and not cover much ground. However, if there is a specific plant you are hoping to protect from underground disruptions, this may be a useful tactic.


Ultrasonic Sound:

Moles are sensitive to loud noises and are not very brave creatures. Installing an ultrasonic sound repellent right into your garden can make moles so uncomfortable that they leave the area alone.


When to Call the Professionals:

If these DIY methods of mole-proofing have proven ineffective, call the team over at Critter Control of Springfield. Trapping and other more direct means of mole control should be left to the experts. Moles are difficult to trap, and populations of the pest are hard to control. Households or businesses dealing with mole infestations should call Critter Control of SW Missouri immediately. Our mole management specialists focus heavily on ground mole removal and have several years of success. Let our trained technicians use their expertise to get rid of mole problems quickly and efficiently!