Crawlspace Cleanup in SW Missouri

Wildlife damage in your home's crawl space can be destructive and may lead to much worse problems. Damaged pipes and soiled insulation can lead to odors in the home, water leaks, wood damage, flooding, and more.

Insulation Restoration in SW Missouri

After the critters have been remCrawlspace restoration in SW Missourioved from your crawlspace, you may be left with damage to your insulation. Animals like mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents will crawl through your insulation. Along the way, they soil it with their urine and feces, making it hazardous to your health. If you've had raccoons in your crawlspace, there will be a latrine to clean up. 

When dealing with this problem, it’s important to hire a professional like the team at Critter Control of SW Missouri. Soiled insulation is a health hazard, and we use specialized tools to keep the mess as contained as possible. We have commercial cleaners to sterilize the area, and we can reinstall fresh insulation after the removal of the soiled insulation.

Damaged Pipes

Rodents have sharp teeth that do not stop growing. To keep their teeth in check, they chew whatever is around. This may include the pipes in your crawlspace. If you have damage to the pipes in your SW Missouri crawlspace, we can help get them repaired.

Damaged pipes can lead to severe water damage in your crawlspace, so it’s important to catch the problem and repair it as soon as possible.

Contact Critter Control of SW Missouri to conduct an inspection to identify what damages have occurred and how they can be fixed. 417.815.4476