Carcass Removal Services in SW Missouri

Wildlife carcasses in the walls or attic of your home create unbearable odors and stains. These all-present smells will inhabit your living area and can be extremely difficult to eliminate. Discovering dead animals inside a home is a common problem for residents of Springfield and the surrounding area. 

Dangers of Animal Carcasses in your Home

Springfield carcass removal mouse on logDead animals can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets. These diseases can be contracted through physical touch with the carcass. Leptospirosis and tularemia are two diseases that can be contracted through animal carcasses. 

In addition to being dangerous to you and your family members, dead animals in your SW Missouri home present a threat to pets. Deceased animals attract fleas and other bugs which are dangerous to your pet. Your pet may also be at risk of contracting a disease if they are curious about the dead animal and pick it up. 

Stench from Carcasses 

Factors that can affect the smell from a carcass include:

  • Size of Animal

Large animals like raccoons produce more odor. They have more flesh that decays.

  • Location of Animal

Animals will decompose faster in well-ventilated areas. If they are somewhere tight such as in the wall, it will take longer for them to decompose. 

  • Species of Animal

Different animal carcasses smell differently because of their types of flesh. 

  • Stage of Decomposition

As the animal decomposes, it will gradually smell worse until the decomposition process completes. 

How to Locate the Carcass

Carcasses can be hiding anywhere in your home, from your attic to your vents to your walls. You can best locate the location of the carcass by the scent. The stronger the odor, the closer you are to the deceased animal. If you can't pinpoint the location, remember that the dead animal could be behind the drywall, in a vent, or in the ceiling. 

The wildlife technicians at Critter Control of SW Missouri have the knowledge and expertise to know where to look for the dead animal in your home and how to remove them without making a mess. We even clean and repair any damages the carcass may have left behind. Once the carcass has been removed, our wildlife technicians will purify the air and use neutralizers and deodorizers to get rid of the lingering odor.

How do you get rid of dead animals?

The first step to getting your home back to normal after an animal has died inside is to locate the deceased animal. If the animal has died behind drywall, we will carefully cut the wall, remove the animal, sanitize and deodorize the space, then repair the hole. 

Once the animal has been located, we will properly dispose of it. Following that, we will sanitize the space to kill any bacteria attracted to the deceased animal. We will also deodorize the space to get your home smelling back to normal.

How do you prevent animals from dying in your home?

The best way to keep your home smelling fresh is to prevent animals from making their way inside in the first place. Critter Control of SW Missouri has all the tools necessary to seal your home from critters and keep your home from this nuisance problem. Some of our prevention services include chimney capping, habitat modification, landscape changes, food elimination, and more. 

To remove a dead animal in your SW Missouri home, call us today. 417.815.4476