Chimney Repairs in SW Missouri

Chimneys are exposed to extreme elements due to their location at the top of your house. Chimneys may suffer from degradation of the following areas:

  • Bricks
  • Mortar JointsPerson replacing Springfield chimney
  • Concrete Caps
  • Flashing

Other possible issues with chimneys include rust, damage to the flue lining, moisture, or chimney crown damage. Contact us to discuss repairing your chimney. 

Signs your Chimney is Damaged: 

White stain on the back of your chimney 

            This is a sign of efflorescence, which means there is moisture in the stone. 

Rust or Holes on Flashing

            The flashing is the area where your chimney connects to the roof. If you notice rust or holes here, there is a problem with your flashing. 

Wallpaper or Paint Damage

            If the wallpaper or paint next to your chimney is damaged, then there is a problem. The brick on the inside of your chimney may have cracked, or the liner could be the wrong size. 

Whether these damages were created by wildlife or not, our experts at Critter Control of SW Missouri can help you repair the damages. Call today to bring life back into your home with fresh sealing, chimney repairs, and more! 417.815.4476